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A General Guide To Know How To Connect Your Wireless Brother Printer In Windows 10 With Ease

You may not like those moments when you need to keep plugging the USB cable to print something using your printer. However, gone are those days when the quick printing process was a myth. It has become possible because of the evolution of several wireless printers that are available in the market. With a wireless printer, you get remote access to print, fax, and scan without attaching it physically with your system.


Whatsoever, if you are looking for how to connect your wireless Brother printer in Windows 10, then your search ends here. This guide will cover all the aspects to make your wireless Brother printer work fine in Windows 10. You will also get to know how you can set up and configure the sharing of printers and content using the Windows HomeGroup option.

Get Your Wireless Printer Connected With The Windows 10

At the time of connecting your Brother wireless printer, you might face several queries like what is the most appropriate way to connect it. Sometimes, your PC cannot locate the printer in the system. You might also face some troubles to set up the Default Printer. In this section, you are going to view all the solutions to such queries.

Connecting Your Printer

The process of connecting the printer in each version of Windows varies accordingly. Without delaying too much, let’s get into the process of adding a wireless printer in the Windows 10 PC.

Step 1:

At the very beginning of the process, open the Windows search by pressing the Start button and Q from the keyboard. After that, type ‘printer’ in the search box that appeared before you.

Step 2:

Next, select the Printers & Scanners from the appeared list and open it. Then, you have to turn on the Printer by pressing its power button.

Step 3:

Now, go to the WiFi settings and connect the PC to your preferred network. However, this step varies depending on the Manufacturer. But with Brother printer, you should get connected to the same network where your printer is connected.

Step 4:

Go to the Printers & Scanners section where you will find several options to proceed further. From the list of options, click on the ‘Add a printer or scanner’ which would again open a list in a new window.

Step 5:

You should get your printer placed on the list, what you have to do here is to click on Add Device button.


By following the steps as mentioned in the section above, you should not face any problem. But still, some users have reported that they can’t find their printers listed on the list. Don’t worry, if you are one of those users, then go through the following section where we have discussed them in detail.

Having Trouble In Connecting With Your Printer?

There might be several reasons why Windows is unable to locate the printer that you want to connect with your PC. In this section, we are going to discuss the various troubleshooting steps to rectify the errors. If the list automatically doesn’t update and show you the printer, then attempting manually to add it might help you.


  1. Follow the ‘Connecting Your Printer’ section till you reach at step 4 when it asks to ‘Add a printer or scanner’ on your computer. Here, click on the option that says something like ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ and which is located below the list of devices.
  2. After that, select ‘Add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer’ option from the new window and then choose the connected printer.


Once you successfully follow the steps as mentioned above, the error will no longer stay in your system. If you are still facing the issue, you should ensure that both of your printer and PC are connected with the same network.

Change The Default Printer Settings In Your PC

Being a smart Operating System, Windows 10 will make an attempt to set the recently used printer as a default one. To do so, the system only checks one factor that what is the last printer that has been using the same internet connection. And after knowing that, it enables that specific printer to be automatically set as default one. Whenever you switch on another network and use another printer on it, the OS can remember it for future use.


So, you don’t have to worry about this setup process if you end up with a single WiFi connection. However, if you want to turn off this functionality, then it’s quite easy to do by following the steps as stated below.


  1. Press Windows Home button + Q to open the Windows Search box in your PC.
  2. Then, type ‘Printer’ and select Printers & Scanners from the appeared search results to open it.
  3. Turn the ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ option to Off which you will find after scrolling down on the page.
  4. After that, select the printer you want to set as default from the list of different devices that are connected with your system.
  5. Next, click Manage which in turn will navigate you to the next page.
  6. Here, you have to select ‘Set as Default’ option from the two options that are available.


If you have followed the steps in a proper way, then you should be able to set your Brother printer as Default. Now, check if you have successfully done so. And the best way to do that is to print a document and check if there is your printer automatically selected. That’s also the end of the solution to your query of how to connect your wireless Brother printer in Windows 10 PC without any problem.

Easy Fixes To Troubleshoot The Connection Problem Of The Brother Wireless Printer With Windows 10

There might be a lot of reasons behind the connection issue of the printer with your Windows 10 PC. If you are still unable to connect your PC with the printer, then here you are going to know about the process of how to fix it.

Solution 1 – Check If You Have Installed The Printer Driver In Your System

Majority of the times, users face the connection problem because there is no driver installed in the PC of the particular printer. You can check whether you have installed the driver on your PC or not by going through the following section.

Step 1:

Open Control Panel by typing the same on the Windows Search Box. You already know how you can open the Windows Search box in Windows 10 PC from the above sections.

Step 2:

As the Control Panel opens, select ‘Large Icons’ from the View by option that appears at the top-right corner.

Step 3:

Now, go to the Device Manager option and open it to check if you have installed the printer’s driver in your PC.


If the driver of your printer is not listed on this section, then that means that there is no driver installed of your Brother printer. In such a case, you need to install the driver which you can find either on the CD that came with it or on the official website of Brother printers. Once you are done with the driver installation process, restart your PC. After a successful restart, check whether the issue persists in your PC.

Solution 2 – Disable The Network Firewall And Antivirus Program

Sometimes, you may face the issue if there is a problem caused by an Antivirus program or a Firewall. In such circumstances, make sure that you have disabled them temporarily and then check if that helps to rectify the error. The process to disable an antivirus program varies accordingly as per different manufacturers.


Moreover, disabling Windows Firewall is quite the same in all versions of Windows OS. In this section, we are going to discuss all the necessary steps to disable antivirus and Windows Firewall.


  1. Go to the bottom-right corner and select the tray icon to open what it contains.
  2. Inside the tray icons, you will find your antivirus program, right-click on it to proceed further.
  3. Here, you will find an option that will allow you to disable the antivirus for some moments or permanently. Click on your preferred choice and then click Yes to save all the changes that you performed.


Following these steps will help you disable the antivirus that you have installed on your system. After that, you need to check whether the issue exists or not. If it is still there, then try to turn off the Windows Firewall and fix the connection problem anymore.


  1. By following the above solution open the Control Panel and select the View by option to Large Icons.
  2. Now, from the bottom, select the Windows Firewall option to open it. And then, you will find multiple options on the left panel of the window.
  3. From this left panel, select ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ option which will lead you to another window.
  4. In this window, you should see the option which asks to turn off the Windows Firewall in your PC. Select it and press the OK button to save all the changes that you have performed.


Following all these steps correctly means that you have successfully disabled the Windows Firewall in your PC. Now check if you are able to connect with your wireless Brother Printer. As the Firewall is off, so there should be nothing that can block the connection.

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To Wrap Things Up

Throughout the article, we have discussed different aspects of wireless printers and their connection with Windows PC. Here, you got to know the basic ways of how to connect your wireless Brother printer in Windows 10 if there is no problem with either of the PC or the printer. You even got familiar with some of the common errors in the connection process. Hope this writeup was able to help you to solve your query.


Could Not Connect Brother Printer To WiFi Let Us Help You

Brother is one of the trusted brands worldwide that is into printer manufacturing. Also, it has received global recognization for its other products such as fax machines, scanners, sewing machine, etc. In the technical world, Brother printers have managed to make quite a successful business. In this article, we will teach you how to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi. We have brought you the easiest methods in the most simplified manner. Have a look.


Easy Hacks To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi

We will show you two methods to configure the printer with ease. Before we proceed, you should know your Wireless Network Settings of the router. Hence, check and keep a record of the following:

  • Network Name (both SSID and ESSID)
  • Password, Encryption Key, and other information related to Network Key.

Remember Brother printers mostly make use of the first WEP KEY. In case, your router is using additional WEP KEYs, then enter the first KEY. Let’s get started.

Setting A Brother Printer Using Control Panel

  1. Connect the printer to an AC outlet and turn it on.
  2. Go to Menu and choose “Network.”
  3. Press either the Up or Down arrow keys to select WLAN.
  4. Select Setup Wizard and click on “WLAN Enable.”

Following these steps, you should be able to start the WiFi Wizard Setup. Wait for sometime, until you get a list of SSID’s available. Once you get the list, choose your preferred Network and click OK.

Setting A Brother Printer With A USB Cable

As stated above, you should keep a note of your SSID, User ID, Authentication method, and Password. Here is what you have to do next.

  1. At first, connect your Printer with an AC power cord.
  2. Turn on both your Computer and the Printer.
  3. Run the CD-ROM into the CD drive.

Till here, the steps are equal irrespective of the Operating System. The next section contains the specification for Windows OS users only.

For Windows Users:

  • When the Installation screen appears, choose your device model and preferred language.
  • Select Install Printer Driver from the CD-ROM menu.
  • Choose Allow or Yes for the options of User Account Control, License Agreement, and Wireless Network Connection.
  • Select Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer.

Then, find your network and configure your printer over WiFi.

For Macintosh Users:

  1. Double click on Brother icon and as well as Start Here OSX icon simultaneously.
  2. Select the option of Wireless Network Connection.
  3. Find your Brother Printer from the list and click Next.

Follow the instruction as given on the screen to launch the Printer Driver. After that, click on “Yes, I have a USB cable to use for installation,” and choose Next. Mark the Checked and confirmed as checked then select Next. Now, interconnect the USB cable with the Printer and as well as your PC. This should open the “Installation Confirmation” page. All your left to do is to confirm the information that is displayed.

If by any chance you do not find the Network Name, it means the WLAN access point is turned off. Or maybe, the Printer is too far from the access point. You will need expert assistance at this point. However, if you face no such problem, then you would be able to connect the Brother Printer to WiFi by now.

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Brother Printer Support

We hope that the solutions mentioned above would be of some help to you. Well, if you still need assistance; we are always there for you. Dial our toll-free Brother Printer Support and get in touch with the highly qualified professionals instantly. Also, send us emails at out official email ID: addressing all your queries. For more details visit our website.


Easy Ways To Fix Printer Offline Windows 10

In this technologically advanced era, printers serve as a necessity either at home or at a workplace. It helps to print any document, images, scanning etc., Moreover, you can also use it as a scanning device to scan any important data or file. There are many brands available in the market but you need to choose the most reliable one. It offers many advanced facilities, well-designed printing solution, and uninterrupted performance. Despite all these features and facilities, it is not free form technical glitches. You may often face Printer Offline Windows 10 problem in your device.

This is the most common with your printer. If you don’t have any idea, how to fix it then connect with the printer support professionals as soon as possible.

Printing Offline Windows 10- Common Reasons

Before proceeding with the solutions, it is good to know the reason behind the printer offline Windows 10 problem. There are many reasons for this problem. The primary and key reasons are:

  • Connection error between the printer and the computer.
  • The outdated driver also may be the reason for the problem.
  • The problem may also occur due to some issues in the printer spooler service.

If you are not able to fix the issue even after knowing the causes then move on to the solutions to identify some practical ways to resolve the problem quickly.

Easy Hacks To Fix Printer Offline Windows 10 Problem

There are many methods to fix the windows 10 printer offline problem. Here we are going to discuss some of the easiest ways by which you can fix the issue right away.

Method 1: Check Connection Of printer

The connection between the computer and printer is most important to run any printing device. If there is any problem in the communication between these devices, you may face a printer is offline windows 10 system. To fix the issue, first of all, turn off the printer as well as the computer. Then disconnect all the wired from the printer and wait for some time. Then connect those wires and restart your printer and computer. After that, you may not face the issue again.

If your printer is connected through a wireless connection, turn off the Bluetooth or the hotspot and turn it on after few minutes. Then connect the devices and then it will work properly.

Method 2: Restart Printer Spooler Service

Printer spooler service is the key behind the entire printing procedure. If the spooler service gets damaged, then you may face the printing offline problem often in your system. The only way to fix the issue is that to restart the spooler service. To do that, press the Windows Key and R button to open the Run box. After that, in the search box type service.msc and press the Enter button. A new tab will open from there select the Printer Spooler item. Then right click on the option and you will see an option Restart, click on it. Now, the spooler service will restart automatically. After waiting for some time, restart your device and then try to print something.

Method 3: Update Printer Driver

Sometimes, if you use an outdated driver in your device, it may not be able to identify all the things correctly and give rise to these problems. Hence it is better to use an updated driver in your system. You can update your Easy Ways To Fix Printer Offline Windows 10printer driver from the Update Drivers and Device option under the Device option in the Start menu. After installing the updated driver, you may not re-encounter the problem in your system.

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Brother Printer Support

In any case, if you are still encountering brother printer offline windows 10 in your system,  you need immediate assistance from the tech experts. For that connect with the Support team by dialing Brother Printer Support. The team comprises of excellent technicians who are capable to handle all your problem and they will also provide you with effective solutions to your queries.

You can connect with us by call or email. You can also email at the official email address and opt for our services. Furthermore, our online chat services are also available to assist you. You can come to us any time. We are available 24*7 to assist you.


How to resolve a Brother Printer when the Computer is Offline?

Often Brother printer users search the web looking for solutions to fix common errors to help them get back to work. If you are looking for ways to Resolve a Brother Printer when the Computer is Offline, look no further. Here you can find the necessary information to resolve the errors.

Types of Brother Printer Errors:

Brother printers are globally choosing but the somehow the set of problems always seem to expand with every new model. To Resolve a Brother Printer when the Computer is Offline, dial our Brother Technical Support and find the right solution with us. These problems can happen anytime and interfere with your work. Below listed are some of the most common issues you can face while using a Brother Printer.

  • Problems with the cartridge. Issues with the onboard cartridge is a pretty well-documented issue and can be triggered at any point in time and for some of the most simple causes.
  • Carriage springs not working properly. Every printer has a carriage on which the cartridge is attached but sometimes has problems returning to the original position post print jobs.
  • Brother printer driver related problems. Yes, your Brother printer to has its own driver which you should always keep updated to avoid system/process related errors.

So if you are struggling to fix any of these errors and looking for ways to fix them, you can try out the guide below.

Effective steps to Resolve Brother Printer When the Computer is offline:

Brother printer being offline when you are ready to take necessary prints can be a real reason for frustration. Following these easy methods, you can quickly Resolve a Brother Printer when the Computer is Offline and get back taking prints with ease.

  • Make sure the printer is connected to your PC as per directions. It’s important to connect the required cable at proper places to avoid issues.
  • Start the Brother printer admin or use to control panel to access Devices and printers and then access the dashboard.
  • Click to see what’s printing ie the current Print Queue
  • Then, access the printer drop-down menu and remove the check mark beside the option Use Printer Offline.

Connect with our experts to fix problems with your Brother Printer:

If you simply just can’t resolve the problems on your own you can avail our services. Connect with our of excellent Brother Printer Customer Service team and we will surely help you out with the required solutions.


How to clear error message Print Unable 32 ?

Brother printers are one of the best in the service with great performance and durable features. The device is workable enough to function under moderate conditions with preset temperature in accordance with individual toner adaptation. Brother printer is a blessing for good quality printing and convenient usage for both office and personal place. Although the machine is reliable enough to print within no time, at times it may also bring a few complications that are unable to suit your needs.

The most common types of errors that users face while using Brother printers is “Print unable 32” and “Machine Error 32”. The pop up messages with error codes “Machine Error 32” along with “Print Unable 32” arises when there is any paper glued beside the drum unit. In that case, you can Clear error message Print Unable 32 easily by verifying. You can call Brother Tech Support for the Immediate solution.

For that, simply proceed as per the following steps-

Step 1: Switch off the power button present on the right-hand side of the machine.

Step 2: Release the front cover by pressing onto the Brother logo, this will open the front cover.

Step 3: Take out the drum units by pressing the green handle and lift it out. Make sure to leave the gray lock handle in the shape of the lever from the left side.

Step 4: After you have completely removed the drum unit, check for any paper strips or labels present inside it.

Step 5: Pull out all the four cartridges from inside the drum unit and repeat this process until all the toner cartridges are removed successfully from their place.

Step 6: In the vacant slots, check for any parts or pieces of torn papers or labels and remove them manually. Check the entire place for better assurance and put all the removed parts back into their original place.

Dial +1-844-828-5593 to Get in touch with us to avail instant support:

However, if you are unable to fix the trouble on your own, then you need expert Brother Printer support services. We can help you out with the same. Talk to us at our Brother Printer Customer Support Number.


How to resolve Brother Scanner not connecting to mac?

If you are using a Brother Scanner on your Mac device, you must have come across the connection problem frequently. Sometimes, the scanner doesn’t get recognized by your Mac device and that creates a conflict. As a result, your scanning work gets stopped right there and you seem to look for an effective solution for your resolve Brother Scanner not connecting to mac. To get rid of the situation immediately, dial our Brother Technical Support and find the right solution with us.

Resolve Brother Scanner Not Connecting To Mac Problem With The Following Steps:

Technical problems should be removed completely, after getting the first sign of its occurrence. Follow the steps mentioned below and find the positive result immediately. Try them accordingly and settle down your connection issue.

Check Your Connection:

  1. Firstly, check the IP address of your Brother Scanner.
  2. Go to the Network Utility on your Macintosh device.
  3. Select the “Pink” button from the window and enter your Scanner’s IP address.
  4. Click on “send only_pings” and replace the value to 4.
  5. Now tap on the “Ping” button to the right.

Check if your Scanner is power on and reflecting no error:

Switch on your Scanning machine if the LCD shows a blank screen. If the power button doesn’t work, make sure it should be plug into the wall outlet. After that, take a look at the LCD and verify if there is an error message reflecting on it. If you find an error, troubleshoot and remove that particular error.

Time To Configure Your Scanner:

Go to your Device Selector and configure your scanner accordingly. In case you are unable to resolve Brother Scanner not connecting to mac and handle the Scanner settings, connect with our Brother Scanner Support Number and find necessary steps to do that.

If this method doesn’t work for you, you may also try these steps and check if the Scanner is working correctly.

  • Configure your software firewall.
  • Verify your network scan settings.
  • Make sure your scanning feature works.

Ensure your router allows Bonjour communication.

Dial +1-844-828-5593 to Get in touch with us to avail instant support:

For resolving connectivity issues, reach us at our Brother printer helpline number. Do not panic upon resolving Brother Scanner not connecting to mac, You can call us at our Brother Printer Customer Service +1-844-828-5593 to avail easy solutions from our skilled experts to solve this issue quickly.


How To Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 41?

This Brother Printer machine issue is a clear indication of malfunctioning of mechanical parts of the device. This clearly indicates that the issue lies with printer’s print-head on the machine and it needs to be repaired faster. It is often seen that unplugging the unit from the power source directly can help users get over this issue easily but there are other effective steps discussed below by Brother Printer Support technicians to fix Brother Printer error 41.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Machine Error 41?

Step 1: Fix any kind of system errors

Errors within the operating system are also one of the main causes of this kind of error that are associated with the printer drivers or with the registry entries. Also, when the printer is not at all activated the problem such as this can arise for sure. So, performing a proper check of system files on the operating system with the help of ‘sfc/scannow’ command in the CMD is preferred as a beneficial one. The next thing is simply to repair the device with the help of the original Windows installation disc. Users on the other hand are recommended to clean out registry issues of the system with the registry cleaning software.

Step 2: Check for issues in the printer configuration

Incorrect configuration as said by Repair Brother Printer expert technicians may be the leading cause of this error. The reason behind is that the printer device is not set to its default mode to carry out various printing tasks. To fix the problem, simply have proper check about the printer configuration and restart the printer spooler service, running in the system’s background. Perform this step by using fax option in the ‘Start’ menu as well as service which can be restarted using the ‘services.msc’ command just under ‘Run’ command.

Step 3: Reinstall drivers

Issues leading to damage as well as corrupted printer drivers installed is the cause of error code 41. Users while experiencing this issue should entirely remove the printer drivers installed in the system with the device manager and reinstall the printer drivers.

For related issues of Brother Printer, connect us at Brother Printer Customer Care just now

Call us at Brother Printer Customer Support Number for prompt replies to all your issues right at your desk. We are easily approachable by users 24 hours to bring them world-class support solutions at their desk while ensuring that they are highly effective for future purposes. So, feel free to call us anytime and get your problems fixed up in just one call.


How To Fix Brother Printer not printing yellow Issues?

These kinds of issues are a result of driver problems, lack of ink while performing the printing task, hardware issues etc. The all in one printer which uses ink for the purpose of printing documents may operate by dropping various sized liquid ink drops into the paper taken for printing purposes. Also one may experience issue while working with these all-in-one printers such as printer not working, the color printer not printing yellow color etc. so, here are steps to fix  Brother Printer not printing yellow  Issues.

Steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer not printing yellow

Step 1: Perform a regular cleaning process of the printer device

The color printer may not completely print in yellow color while you are working with the Brother Printer which may happen due to complete dirt as well as other unwanted particles residing in the printer. Due to such unwanted particle, you will see that the ink which is used for printing and other materials will completely be blocked inside the printer device.

Solution: Well, it is advised top perform a regular or even frequent cleaning process of the device which is necessary.

Step 2: Fix the issue with hardware parts

The printing issue in the Brother printer may also occur due to malfunctioning of few hardware parts or may be even due to damaged hardware problem. Well, cartridges provided in the printer may sometimes get defective due to certain issues.

Solution: To solve this issue, it is recommended by professional technicians to re-insert this particular part or may be repair process of all the damaged parts is necessary by a professional technicians. By doing, one can surely solve the yellow color printing issue of the Brother printer. I hope you are done.

Call us at Brother Printer Support Number to have us solve all your Brother Printer issues solved!

Get connected with our technicians at Brother Printer Customer Care Number who are always available for users to assist them in fixing up their issues. Our team is available 24*7 hours to listen up all your complex to complex issues and bring you the most appropriate solution. What makes us unique is our technicians have immense knowledge in solving out all types of Brother Printer technical glitches.


How to Solve Brother Printer Fax Error 2001?

Brother Printer gives an awesome printing, fax and scanning functionality, that’s why it’s used by millions number of users, to do their official or home tasks. However, sometimes, users encountered the issue or error with Brother Printer while using it. Error code 2001 is one of such type of error that is caused by interference on the telephone line connection or an incorrect telephone line connection, or an alarm system or other device on the line. The Error code 2001 is a Comm. Error, is generally occurring on the Brother machine LCD, when users sending or receiving faxes. Then the users don’t need to worry about it, the error can be easily fixed. Here, the blog will explain the steps on How to Solve Brother Printer Fax Error 2001  So, the users as you just need to pursue the steps to fix the problem.

Steps to Solve Brother Printer Fax Error 2001

Step 1:- Verify the Quality of the Dial Tone.

You should try to check the quality of the dial tone by pressing the “Hook” key. Follow the steps to do check dial tone.

  • Plug the telephone line cord into your Brother machine, and then plug the other end directly into the wall telephone jack (socket).
  • Check for a dial tone, you can use two ways:-
  1. Press “Fax”, when Fax Preview is set to OFF or nothing.
  2. Press “Fax and Sending Faxes”, when Fax Preview is set to ON.
  • Check your Brother machine has Hook or Tel.
  1. If your Brother machine has Hook, then press it, and listen for a dial tone. Confirm the speaker volume is turned up.
  2. If your Brother machine has Tel, then you can check for a dial tone by connecting an external phone to the jack (socket) labeled EXT.

If the dial tone is clear, then go to the next step 2.

Step 2:- Check the Telephone Line Connection

Now check, if the telephone line is plugged into any device other than the wall telephone jack, then disconnect the line from that device and plug it directly into the wall telephone jack. Make sure that it’s a testing purpose only. If the removing such devices aid to decide whether the problem is associated with the Brother machine or other device.

Step 3:- Plugged Jack Labeled

When the telephone line is plugged directly from the jack labeled Line on the Brother machine to the wall telephone jack, and then tries to re-send the fax. If the fax is successful, the problem was caused by another device or piece of equipment on the line.

Check the error is resolved, if not, still Brother Machine displays the Comm. Error, so then continue with the next step 4.

Step 4:- Change Brother Machine’s Compatibility Setting

You should try to change your Brother machine’s Compatibility setting, maybe this will help you to fix this error code 2001.

Hit on the “Menu”, 2 (Fax), 0 (Miscellaneous), 1 (Compatibility).

  • Press the “UP OR DOWN ARROW” key to choose Basic (for VoIP).
  • Push the “OK” key.
  • Press the Stop/Exit key.

Step 5: Send Another Fax To Testing

You should try to send another fax in order to check if the fax going through with no error message, then you are able to compensate for the telephone line. In case, if not, then try to connect your Brother Machine to a different, known-working telephone line and test the sending and receiving functions.

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In case, if the Comm. Error message continues to appear, then you should contact with Brother Printer customer support team to receive urgent help.

Dial Brother Customer Support Phone Number for Immediate Connect With Professionals 

Pick your phone and dial Brother Printer Support Experts, to directly connect with the Brother Customer support team for receiving the instant help. The certified and experienced technicians will give you the complete steps to fix this issue. The proficient technicians have deeply knowledgeable, how to fix Brother Printer technical errors or issues. Hence, get in touch with experts by dialing the toll-free number and which works 24×7 to your help, and receive optimum solutions to Brother Printer queries.


Fix Issue While Using Install An Add Printer Wizard For Windows

Add Printer Wizard tool in printers helps user to smoothly install a printer easily whether it’s a conventional or a wireless one. The printer can be easily connected to the computer directly or via a network process. Once users have started functioning with the printer, the Add Printer Wizard will automatically detect the printer by guiding users step-by-step manner to connect it with the computer. But there may be issues occurring related to Add Printer tool that may be due to improper using of the Add Printer tool, not able to detect the tool at all and also and occur due to Bluetooth issues attached to the printer. Below are steps discussed to resolve issues while using an Add Printer Wizard for Windows.

Steps to troubleshoot issues while using an “Add Printer Wizard” for Windows.

Step 1: Using theAdd Printer Wizard

The error message “Access is denied” may come across while users are trying to print from a Windows Vista-based PC to a PC running Windows XP. Also sometimes it is seen that a printer needs to be added, but is not displayed in the Add Printer Wizard. For this issue, the solution is quite easy to apply and that if the Wizard is not able to detect a printer, then install it manually. Now, when the Add Printer Wizard is used by users to connect a new printer then, users may come across an error message displayed as “Operation could not be completed”. The print spooler service will not run running in this case.

Step 2: Solve the issue of “Add Printer Wizard” not detecting a printer

This issue happens because the printer is already installed earlier or may be a new printer needs to be installed. It is suggested for users to check whether the printer is switched on or not? If not then, the printer needs to be switched on. If the printer is on then, do check whether the networking cable is properly plugged in or not. Plugging of the networking cables properly is highly required.On the other hand, if it’s a Bluetooth printer then, check the mode set in it to makes the device accessible to all. If the printer is already set to the invisible mode then, make it set to visible mode. If this issue persists, it defines that the problem is mainly with the computer software or hardware.

Step 3: solve issue ofBluetooth printers are attached using the Add Printer Wizard


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To perform this step, simply click on the ‘Control panel’ icon and then, tap on the ‘Hardware and Sound’ icon. Next users are need to click on the ‘Printer’ icon. After you have clicked on the ‘Add a printer’, the Add Printer Wizard will automatically open. In the Add Printer Wizard, you are advised to click on the ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’ icon. Now, the Add Printer Wizard will guide users through further steps and once completed, users will see a “finish” button. Now, your Bluetooth printer is completely attached to the computer.

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